Wednesday, August 23, 2017

An All Gringo House

Wow!! What a week here in Santiago!! After now passing the year mark, I marvel at how fast the time has been passing. I really cant believe it!

Well , to get to details from this week, We had a really good one! We are in an ALL GRINGO HOUSE!!!! haha Elder Brown is training Elder Patterson and Elder McKane and I are still together. We are having such a blast all together! 
 Yes, those are jorts! Great to see Elder Murphy again.

 Southern BBQ at President and Sister Gwilliam's for the one year mark.

 So, some highlights from my week, On Monday, we had a zone meeting and talked about missionary work and being able to meet the goals that we have as missionaries (standards of excellence) It was a really good meeting and we learned a lot. We talked about scriptural prophets that conquered what seemed like difficult tasks to do what god wanted them to do! Really good conference!!! 

I went on a division with another Elder from our district named Elder Gowers! We had a really good day in his sector and taught some good lessons to people! That was a great day!
On Saturday, Elder Mckane and I were working with a list that we have of all the members in our ward. we were actualizing the list and we came across a guy by the name of Victor! We had a really good 30 minute conversation with him outside and taught him lesson 1. He understood it and was really receptive!
We did lots of finding through working with our list and with talking to people in the street!!! 

On Monday, we taught a really good lesson to a old investigator. We talked about what the Gospel of Jesus Christ is. What Jesus taught us during his time on earth! Really good lesson. And very spiritual! We talked about faith, repentence, baptism, the holy ghost, and enduring to the end. Christ has taught us all of those things! 
 Soccer on P-day with Elder McKane

Cereal that my mom sent me!
Elder McKane.....He's crazy!

Until next time!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Mutual, Elder McKane Dancing and Consistency

It has been a good week yet again in the Santiago Urban Jungle!! I kind of forgot but I complete a year in the mission today interestingly enough...that year went by pretty fast for me..haha. Its crazy how fast time flies on the mission. 

As for my week, it was really good. We had a lot of administrative things to do which made the dynamics of the week a little different. We had a leadership conference in San Bernardo, and we were able to learn a lot during it. We had a lot of talk on the fundamentals and the importance of them in our work as missionaries. We also talked about the doctrine of Christ, and looking for other sources of scriptures outside of the normal missionary prototype scriptures that we normally use. Hermana Gwilliam talked about love and how we need to show it to ourselves and for the people we serve. We learned a lot during the conference and will be bringing it back to our Districts!

As a ward, we haven't really had mutual, but right before I got here, we started picking it up and helping it. We now have lots of kids attending and bringing lots of there friends that are nonmembers. It is great! We had almost 20 kids here for Mutual this past Friday which is our record so far!

On Saturday, we had our ward talent show! We had such a blast! Lots of people performed their talents. One of our investigators who is 9 played the piano really well!! His name is Benjamin!

Elder McKane is a really good dancer and danced to a funk song! Everyone was amazed and going crazy when he danced! hahaha. He got the whole crowd going. At the end, we saw a Cueca dance which is a traditional Chilean dance that they do here in Chile! This group is from a different ward in our stake. They did a really good job and put on a great show! We had 80 people show up to the show and about 12 were investigators between us and the other elders. considering that our ward has 40 people coming each week, we were stoked and so happy!

Our Investigator named Victor is progressing lots too!! He is doing really well and progressing towards baptism! We had a lesson about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and he loved it! He expressed his testimony and love for this gospel and how much he has loved the church since coming to know it in such a short span of time! He already has a testimony and is growing it each week!

 As I was cleaning this week, I came across one of my old letters from my mom while I was in the MTC or training center back in Mexico. It was a good letter. My mom talked about her time in Brazil learning Portuguese and the challenges that came with that. Also, she referenced a talk that talked about Consistency in all that we do. It made me go back to the good old days in the MTC where there was a desperation that I felt to be consistent to be able  to learn everything! Looking back now, and not to bag on myself persay, but I dont think I have that same tenacious desire and desperation to learn everything as much as the day I started. Thats not to say that I am lazy or layed back, and maybe that's something about the new freshness of the missionary, but God expects us to be consistent in what we do! Consistent in our love for him, our obedience to his commandments, and consistent in other aspects of our lives. As we try to maintain ourselves at that consistent level (knowing that it is hard and that we will dip) we really come to know Christ who is the most consistent above all other men!

A quote I love from John Wooden is ¨All of life is peaks and valleys. dont let the peaks get to high and the valleys too low¨
Or that as we maintain ourselves  disciplined where we know that God wants us to be, we will see results. 

Have a great week.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Flying Soccer Ball

Hey y’all!!!! It has been an awesome week here in Las Americas! We had such a good week!! Each day with Elder McKane is an adventure!! So we live with Elder Brown and Elder Batista and we share this ward! It is a blast living with those guys! We have funny stories and memorable moments! Namely this week! 
Chilean Cowbiy

So we are on our way back from lunch, and we are in a bit of the rougher part of our sector. These 5 kids between 10 to 15 years old are  playing soccer and are greeting at us GRINGOS. So they pass us the soccer ball after we walked by them and it goes right to Elder McKane! Elder McKane is 6 3 and has crazy long legs, (And the most hilarious Cristiano Ronaldo / Alexis Sanchez free kick impression) hahaha So he takes a few steps back and does his Ronaldo impression and then goes to kick it.....The ball flew straight up and to the right. If there hadn't been electrical lines, it would have flown over the house! We all died laughing hahaha! It was so funny and those kids laughed too! We then talked with them, and now they are coming to mutual this Friday with us!
Elder McKane and Elder Hendrix studying.....

We also had some killer lessons this week! Mainly with Victor! So we finally got to meet back up with Victor after him being out of town for a week!! With Victor, our other investigator that has a date for his baptism, we taught him a lesson on the plan that our Heavenly Father has for us! We shared about what happened in the premortal life, our purpose here on earth, and what will happen after! It was an awesome message and we knew he liked it and then asked him what he thought of everything that we shared. He looked down at the folder that has each step of this plan and sat there for a second without saying anything. A few seconds after, he looked up at us and said, ¨”this plan is true. With all my heart, I know that this is the truth¨" We sat there in silence, and really let the spirit manifest itself to him! we put some goals and set a baptism date with him!!

Overall, A great week! Day in and day out! Trying to find people, trying to figure out problems, and serving! It is a blast! I think that as we put our efforts in good works whether that is missionary work, our normal jobs, or in our family, the better we feel inside! Our good efforts bring good recompenses!


 Elder Hendrix and Elder Brown enjoying some Little Caesars Pizza! Elder Brown was friends with Elder Hendrix's best friend/cousin Elder Wettstein back in Arizona.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Full Circle Spanish Moment

WOW! What a week it has been!! It was really busy! I had to do two divisions in all for this week! Anyways, we have really been making an even greater push to find people as a companionship! Last week we  taught a lady and her daughter that we found contacting a week back. We had one of the best C.C.E's(first lesson)  that I have had as a missionary. The mother told us about her cancer and how she is only promised 5 years more of life from the doctors. We transitioned that lesson perfectly into Lesson 2 as we talked with her. A really neat experience. 
I would say the most cool experience we have as missionaries is finding more people to teach and discovering what they need! Each person is like a puzzle! Its fascinating trying to put that puzzle together to help each person to understand what we teach them! 
We also found another family that is golden! (Even though they arent in our sector):) We were able to set up 4 baptisimal dates and they were so receptive! Their youngest son named Albert is awesome! He went with us to mutual, and loves Soccer!  
This Sunday, I gave a talk in Spanish for the ward. The bishop called and wanted me to give a talk on missionary work. I prepared the talk Sunday morning and then gave a 20 minute talk in Spanish! Its crazy how that is! I had a pretty cool full circle moment there! I remember giving a talk my second week in Chile and only reading word for word of what I wrote. Now I write ideas and just talk. Its pretty amazing. I feel that learning a new language is so cool! At first, it was hard. I struggled so much. But I look back now and am so grateful! I have much to go, but It really hit me. I worked so hard and hard to get here and now being where I am at now is really fulfilling. 
I think that can be applied to many facets of life. We work so hard to get to where we want to be in life, where we want to be spiritully, economically, and then as we work, practice and get there, they can be very fulfilling and even relieving moments! We need to enjoy those moments when we get there, and then keep striving to improve and push our limits even more. 
Its awesome walking around streets, talking to people, and representing the Lord and Savior in HIS work. 
These are years that are truely gained, not lost! 

 Birthday package arrived 

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Week in Photos

Only the legendary missionaries sign Ivan's ceiling. :) 
Elder Hendrix and Ivan 
 The view from Elder Hendrix's home
 Walking the streets Santiago, Chile
 Birthday celebration with Elder Hendrix's fellow missionary roommates

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Baptisms,Good-bye's and a New Area/Companion

WOW. What a week it has been here in San Bernardo!!! This Saturday was the baptism of Quenne and it was incredible! She loved it and was baptized 7 months pregnant!!! She is such an amazing person and has really progressed in the gospel. The baptism service was great, and she loved it! All of her family showed up, and came for her confirmation Sunday as well! It was a very spiritually filling weekend for her family and for us. Just before the baptism, I received the notice that I would be leaving to a different sector. Quenne and her family are pretty bummed about it, but we were able to explain the situation with companions and changes and everything, so she understood! On Sunday, she had her confirmation, and then gave her testimony (it happened to be the fast and testimony meeting we hold every first Sunday! She gave the most sincere and beautiful testimony I have ever heard.
 Saying goodbye to them was tough. Quenne’s mother now has desires and is even talking about her own baptism in the future. On Sunday, Quenne bore her testimony and said something that I will always remember. There are certain things that happen in my life that are heavy evidences that God really prepares His children. She talked about our first encounter in the street. It was the day of the earthquakes that happened some 2 months back that we had here in Santiago. Whenever there are earthquakes, she always goes out to her patio in the back to be outside, but for whatever reason when the earthquake hit, she left outside to the front off her house and saw us at the corner of the street. We were sitting there for a good 2 minutes waiting for one of us to receive an idea of what to do. She felt like we were there for a reason and left to go and talk to us to ask us as to where the LDS church was at that corresponded with her direction. fThe rest is history and then some! I will never forget that memory she shared fast and testimony meeting! I marvel at how it all came together 
Now I am with Elder McKane!!! He has 8 months in the mission and is a stud Missionary!!! He has served here for 1 change and then his comp left and I came here! We are serving in Las Americas! We are so pumped and getting out and working hard!! We are going to have a good time!!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Attitude of Gratitude