Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Goodbye Las Americas, Elder Grow and 6 Months of my Mission

HEY!! So this week has been a great one!!! We’ve been as busy as can be! So last Thursday, we had a great lesson with Gabriela and her daughter Matilda! I mentioned that I would be leaving and they got really sad!!! :( but I told them that I would be coming back for their baptism!)
On Friday, we had a really good day and even got to go and visit Brother Toro who works as the Santa Claus in the Christmas Ferria in our sector! We took a picture with him and it was so cool to see all the kids going crazy for Santa Claus(I forgot the picture at my old house.  I will share it next week)!! haha Great memories. Elder Grow ate some churros and we got chocolate strawberries!

On Saturday, we received  a call from President and I got sent out and am now working in the sector next to my old one as a zone leader with Elder Scott!! I am in the same zone just now working in a different ward! So that was an interesting call!

Apparently when we got the call from the zone leaders to see who was leaving the zone, Elder Grows name was there too! We were a bit shocked thinking that he would stay, but he also had changes crazy enough!!! So he is now in El Bosque! 

On Sunday we had to say  our goodbyes and they were tough for both of us! The goodbye to Gabriela was really tough because both of us were leaving right in the heart of her conversion! BTW she came to church on Sunday with Matilda and just loved it! It was a tough goodbye......We were really close to them!
On Monday, I arrived to my new  sector, met my new companion, Elder Scott. We had a great first day and met some of the investigators! They seem to be progressing well and doing great. 
Today, we planned an activity of capture the flag, one in the chamber, call of duty and a water balloon game which were  total hits! We tied 1-1.

Overall a really great week!!!!! 

Have a very Merry Christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Haitian Friends

Hey everyone!!! This week was a great week. We were able to see lots of great things happen in the mission. 

So we had a lesson with Adelin and Bob, our Haitian investigators that are progressing! They both want to get married and have great desires to come to church and to be baptized ! Today we’re going to pass by and work on that process and help them get married!!!!

With our investigator Gabriela, we have been doing really well! Each lesson we share with her is very spiritual and powerful! This week we talked about the plan of Salvation with her and she liked it! She really liked the plan and what it meant to us as children of God! She even to this day has not missed one assignment we have given her!!!

Church on Sunday was great! We had our Haitian friends there and they loved church! For the second hour, we had Bob translate for the other 3 Haitians in the class that didn't speak well! It was really cool to see that in action in a class! (Bob speaks Spanish and English perfectly! He is a machine)

On Monday, we had zone conference which was great! A really motivating and good conference. We talked about the difference between being chickens or Eagles and the difference they each have in their natural habitat. Really cool lesson about being like eagles and not being chickens (lazy, unintelligent, scared, etc.) 

On Tuesday, we had a great service with Gabriela and we painted her house!!! It was a blast and cool to help her! Afterwards we had lunch and shared a little bit with her and her family!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Perfect Day on the Mission

Wow! We had a really good week! Looking back I saw where we made some big strides with the work here in Las Americans!! We have been hard at work. There was one day that we had that was perfect. Like not one thing went wrong! hahah As missionaries, we never have those kinds of days. 

However, on Thursday, we died! Everyone in the house was sick to their stomach! Elder Grow ate 40 pieces of sushi, not sure what I ate. And the other Elders were really sick too! Worst day ever!haha but we managed to survive. The next day, we were feeling a little better and went out and got to work in finding and teaching!

The weekend was great! We had a great Sunday and ate with the Gonzalez family which is a strong family from our ward! 

Ok So on Tuesday, We had the best missionary day ever and we managed to pull of a perfect missionary day! (no lessons fell through, and everything clicked) 
 So we contacted a really cool lady working with our lists last week and then went to the lesson on Tuesday and it was great! We shared lesson one with her family and got to know her and have a next lesson set up tomorrow.

We then went to our next lesson which was with another new investigator by the name of Carlos! We shared the first lesson about how the church Christ built was restored and he and his family loved it and even were open to baptism which was awesome! His 11 year old son wasn't there but he even included that he would want to get baptized as well! Really spiritual lesson and awesome new family!
Yesterday I went on divisions with our district leaders Elder Moore and Austin in their sector which was great! Elder Grow lead our sector and did very well!
Today, we watched the 4th star Wars as we are on our Star Wars marathon! 

I have been enjoying the mission! It really is a very cool experience! I wouldn't change it for anything!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

36 Pieces of Sushi

Well this week was very good!!! We had a great time and have been at it with the Missionary work! Last week was a good one, too! We have been teaching a man by the name of Luis. He is a member referral and lives behind a member named Carlos who is his uncle! We have been teaching him and seeing his progression as we have been teaching him along with his kids these past few weeks. He’s been learning a lot and has had lots of good desires. This past Tuesday, we watched the video of the life of Joseph Smith with him and he liked it. He likened the video to his life and situation as he is looking for the truth! I think that message really resinated with him! 
We have been contacting lots lately really just looking for new people to teach. We have found some success. We taught an older lady, and have also found a receptive family that we will be going by this next week!

We had a funny experience actually. So last night, Elder Grow ordered sushi and ate 36 pieces!!!!!! haha anyway, we really didn't realize how much he ate! haha so today rolls around and he wakes up just feeling like crap! haha He felt so sick to his stomach! 

Thursday, November 2, 2017

It's Getting Hot Here in Santiago!

Well, My apologies for the past few weeks without emailing or keeping you guys up to date with my missionary life! It was been really good here in Las Americas!! We have been working hard in the Santiago heat and having a great time!!!

Anyway, we met a guy named Bob and he is our homie!!! So we were teaching two Haitians by the name of Adelin and Wolly in English cause they are fluent English speakers and have been really progressing with them! 
So we had a second lesson with them but they weren't there when we arrived to our appointment, so we ended up talking with this guy named Bob at the house, and we taught him lesson 2 about the ´plan of salvation in Spanish cause he spoke really good Spanish. Two days later we came back and had a lesson with all 3 of them. We were concerned about the language barrier cause Wolly and Adelin spoke Spanish less than English but when we got there, we asked them what language they would like us to speak (thinking that we would speak in English and then have them translate for Bob) but Bob started speaking fluent English!!!! We were a bit stunned!! haha it was a pretty funny moment! We taught them lesson 1 and set baptismal dates for the 14 of December!!!
Bob came to church as well the following Sunday!

We have been focusing lots on finding and getting new Investigators which we have done! We were contacting last week and contacted a house to the south of our sector and went right in to teach and get to know this family which was from Peru! They were really nice and listened to us!! We had a follow up appointment which fell through but we ended up teaching their 17 year old son the first lesson!
We also had the opportunity to leave our mission to go to a missionary conference in another suburb of Santiago

As for the rest of our week, it’s been filled  with fun, hard missionary work!

I have been studying a lot about the life of Jesus Christ as I have been reading a book called Jesus the Christ which is an in depth book about his life and his teachings. As I’ve studied it, I have come to learn more about Jesus and who he truly is! I have come to realize how Jesus is the perfect teacher who could use parables and allegories to explain his sound doctrine and connect that through those examples!

Have a great week.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Pictures from the Mission

Elder Hendrix is loving his mission and wirking hard. Here are some pictures of him on the mission
 Elder Grow and Elder Hendrix

 Mountains in the mission
 View from their home
 Elder Hendrix, Elder Brown and Duke the Mission Dog
 Elder Grow and Elder Hendrix
 Santiago Temple

Monday, September 18, 2017

Another Week in the Concrete Jungle

OK!!! A good week!! I really enjoyed it as I am looking back on it and how it turned out!! Today, we had a Star Wars marathon as a district!!! Or a half one anyway! It was really good! The power of the Sith is real!

It was a good week, we were able to set a baptismal date with one of our investigators by the name of Nico!! He is a 15 year old kid that has been coming to mutual with us!

We had interviews with President which went great! It’s always great to talk to him and see him!


This week we had the Independence day on the 18th!! It was a blast and we had a ward party, and almost 20 investigators showed up between the 2 companionships! It was a blast!! Everyone here flies kites for the 18th and they do barbecues as well! 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Talk to Everyone

¿Cómo estaí?

Hope that everyone has had a great week!! Our week was a good one as well! We have really been enjoying each day that we get! This week was a bit of an interesting week with our schedule. We had a zone conference and we weren't allowed to leave one day because it was the combatant day for the kids here in Santiago. 

So last Thursday, we had our conference with Elder Bragg was incredible. Elder Bragg is one of the area 70 in the South America South Area I believe if I am not mistaken. He shared some really good messages with us that really helped us grow and learn as a mission. The biggest eye opening thing he talked about was what we as an area do to get a baptism. I am kicking myself for not bringing my notes to the cyber but in order to get one baptism, each day, we need to be talking with 20 new people. That was interesting data and eye opening to me on the importance of talking with everyone. He made that as one of his biggest and most important pieces of counsel to us. He also shared great information on why we need to ask everyone for references. He talked about bringing a photo of our family and every time we would get rejected 2 or 3 times by the person. He told us to pull out our picture of the family, tell the person who each person was and tell them that we left them for two years to share this very special message, we proceeded by then asking them for any neighbors or people they knew that would let us share that message with them!! It was really cool!

After that conference, we had divisions with the Assistants. Elder Ricks came to my sector and we met a really cool Peruvian family that he had taught over a year ago. we had a really good first lesson with them! 
On Sunday, the other Elders had a baptism for Alberto and Melody. They are the Peruvians that we meet contacting about 2 months back. Alberto wanted Elder McKane to baptise him which was pretty cool to him. Alberto adores us and really looks up to us as missionaries. He is a really good kid and was really happy to get baptized. This past week, he had to do an assignment for school and he had to write a paper on where he wanted to be in 15 or 20 years. He wrote that he wants to be a returned missionary and have a family!!! Really cool feel good moment.

On Monday, we couldn't go out of the house after lunch. So when we got home, Elder McKane and I wanted to take a little nap and then do some studies afterwards. We forgot to set the alarm and slept till 7:30!!! haha mission tiredness is crazy!!

Yesterday, I did a baptismal interview for a kid in a neighboring ward of ours by the name of Sebastian. This kid is a stud and is 14 and wants to be a missionary in Salt Lake City one day!! Man I am just loving the youth this week looking back on it.

Today we went to the temple which was great as always. Really good spiritual and uplifting time!
Afterwards, we followed it up and went to Carls. JR. I miss American Burgers!!

Have a great week!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Frisco meets Santiago

Ok. So this has been a very interesting week!!! So I had a special visit and got to spend a few hours with Brother Halverson!! haha It was a bit of a culture shock seeing someone from my ward, but it was really cool!! We went out for empanandas which is a chilean food, and it was really fun catching up with Brother Halverson and his brother Pete!

Afterwards, Pete wanted to buy a SIM card so we went to a store to help him translate. Before we walked up to the counter, he told us that he wanted to talk. (beforehand he told us that he studied for three hours on the plane). Pete talked fearlously and was doing everything he could to communicate with the Chileans!! It was awesome!! For only three hours of studying on the plane, I got to give it to him, he communicated really well!! 
This past Sunday, we had a sister missionary leave for her mission to Guatemala. The ward had a celebration for her after the sacrament meeting, and it was great seeing the ward come together to send her off!! It was really cool! 
Thinking back and pondering on the lessons we had with the people we taught, I am again and again reminded of the truthfulness in what we share. After repeatedly sharing the messages we share as missionaries, I find myself knowing the universal and really simple truths in what we share. We taught a family about the plan of Salvation and it was really spiritual. This family is Catholic and have some different viewpoints on religion, but as we shared the message, to them, it made complete sense and they believed in every word that we were able to share with them! It was really spiritual and I left really happy afterwards. 

One of the things we teach in our first few lessons with people is about our Heavenly Father. In our missionary study book, it talks about how when we make good decisions, God is happy, However, when we make bad decisions and seperate ourselves from God, he cries... I read that this week, and maybe I have been skimming over that, but that phrase really got me thinking. I think that our  first initial thought on when we disobey is that God is angry and will judge us. When we sin, Heavenly Father gets frustrated because of our disobedience to his laws, but I have never thought about him crying.. As I thought on that, it really got me thinking about how more intimate and loving that makes our Heavenly Fathers relationship with us as his children. 

Its like a mother and her child. If the child rebels and disobeys his mother. If the mother yells at the kid and punishes him out of anger that would be one thing. However, If I disobeyed my mother and if she cried, I would instantly feel bad.
I Believe that if we thought of our Heavenly Father crying when we sin or choose wrong choices, I believe that we would 1. sin less and 2. feel remorse and strive to be better and honor him. 

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

An All Gringo House

Wow!! What a week here in Santiago!! After now passing the year mark, I marvel at how fast the time has been passing. I really cant believe it!

Well , to get to details from this week, We had a really good one! We are in an ALL GRINGO HOUSE!!!! haha Elder Brown is training Elder Patterson and Elder McKane and I are still together. We are having such a blast all together! 
 Yes, those are jorts! Great to see Elder Murphy again.

 Southern BBQ at President and Sister Gwilliam's for the one year mark.

 So, some highlights from my week, On Monday, we had a zone meeting and talked about missionary work and being able to meet the goals that we have as missionaries (standards of excellence) It was a really good meeting and we learned a lot. We talked about scriptural prophets that conquered what seemed like difficult tasks to do what god wanted them to do! Really good conference!!! 

I went on a division with another Elder from our district named Elder Gowers! We had a really good day in his sector and taught some good lessons to people! That was a great day!
On Saturday, Elder Mckane and I were working with a list that we have of all the members in our ward. we were actualizing the list and we came across a guy by the name of Victor! We had a really good 30 minute conversation with him outside and taught him lesson 1. He understood it and was really receptive!
We did lots of finding through working with our list and with talking to people in the street!!! 

On Monday, we taught a really good lesson to a old investigator. We talked about what the Gospel of Jesus Christ is. What Jesus taught us during his time on earth! Really good lesson. And very spiritual! We talked about faith, repentence, baptism, the holy ghost, and enduring to the end. Christ has taught us all of those things! 
 Soccer on P-day with Elder McKane

Cereal that my mom sent me!
Elder McKane.....He's crazy!

Until next time!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Mutual, Elder McKane Dancing and Consistency

It has been a good week yet again in the Santiago Urban Jungle!! I kind of forgot but I complete a year in the mission today interestingly enough...that year went by pretty fast for me..haha. Its crazy how fast time flies on the mission. 

As for my week, it was really good. We had a lot of administrative things to do which made the dynamics of the week a little different. We had a leadership conference in San Bernardo, and we were able to learn a lot during it. We had a lot of talk on the fundamentals and the importance of them in our work as missionaries. We also talked about the doctrine of Christ, and looking for other sources of scriptures outside of the normal missionary prototype scriptures that we normally use. Hermana Gwilliam talked about love and how we need to show it to ourselves and for the people we serve. We learned a lot during the conference and will be bringing it back to our Districts!

As a ward, we haven't really had mutual, but right before I got here, we started picking it up and helping it. We now have lots of kids attending and bringing lots of there friends that are nonmembers. It is great! We had almost 20 kids here for Mutual this past Friday which is our record so far!

On Saturday, we had our ward talent show! We had such a blast! Lots of people performed their talents. One of our investigators who is 9 played the piano really well!! His name is Benjamin!

Elder McKane is a really good dancer and danced to a funk song! Everyone was amazed and going crazy when he danced! hahaha. He got the whole crowd going. At the end, we saw a Cueca dance which is a traditional Chilean dance that they do here in Chile! This group is from a different ward in our stake. They did a really good job and put on a great show! We had 80 people show up to the show and about 12 were investigators between us and the other elders. considering that our ward has 40 people coming each week, we were stoked and so happy!

Our Investigator named Victor is progressing lots too!! He is doing really well and progressing towards baptism! We had a lesson about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and he loved it! He expressed his testimony and love for this gospel and how much he has loved the church since coming to know it in such a short span of time! He already has a testimony and is growing it each week!

 As I was cleaning this week, I came across one of my old letters from my mom while I was in the MTC or training center back in Mexico. It was a good letter. My mom talked about her time in Brazil learning Portuguese and the challenges that came with that. Also, she referenced a talk that talked about Consistency in all that we do. It made me go back to the good old days in the MTC where there was a desperation that I felt to be consistent to be able  to learn everything! Looking back now, and not to bag on myself persay, but I dont think I have that same tenacious desire and desperation to learn everything as much as the day I started. Thats not to say that I am lazy or layed back, and maybe that's something about the new freshness of the missionary, but God expects us to be consistent in what we do! Consistent in our love for him, our obedience to his commandments, and consistent in other aspects of our lives. As we try to maintain ourselves at that consistent level (knowing that it is hard and that we will dip) we really come to know Christ who is the most consistent above all other men!

A quote I love from John Wooden is ¨All of life is peaks and valleys. dont let the peaks get to high and the valleys too low¨
Or that as we maintain ourselves  disciplined where we know that God wants us to be, we will see results. 

Have a great week.