Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Full Circle Spanish Moment

WOW! What a week it has been!! It was really busy! I had to do two divisions in all for this week! Anyways, we have really been making an even greater push to find people as a companionship! Last week we  taught a lady and her daughter that we found contacting a week back. We had one of the best C.C.E's(first lesson)  that I have had as a missionary. The mother told us about her cancer and how she is only promised 5 years more of life from the doctors. We transitioned that lesson perfectly into Lesson 2 as we talked with her. A really neat experience. 
I would say the most cool experience we have as missionaries is finding more people to teach and discovering what they need! Each person is like a puzzle! Its fascinating trying to put that puzzle together to help each person to understand what we teach them! 
We also found another family that is golden! (Even though they arent in our sector):) We were able to set up 4 baptisimal dates and they were so receptive! Their youngest son named Albert is awesome! He went with us to mutual, and loves Soccer!  
This Sunday, I gave a talk in Spanish for the ward. The bishop called and wanted me to give a talk on missionary work. I prepared the talk Sunday morning and then gave a 20 minute talk in Spanish! Its crazy how that is! I had a pretty cool full circle moment there! I remember giving a talk my second week in Chile and only reading word for word of what I wrote. Now I write ideas and just talk. Its pretty amazing. I feel that learning a new language is so cool! At first, it was hard. I struggled so much. But I look back now and am so grateful! I have much to go, but It really hit me. I worked so hard and hard to get here and now being where I am at now is really fulfilling. 
I think that can be applied to many facets of life. We work so hard to get to where we want to be in life, where we want to be spiritully, economically, and then as we work, practice and get there, they can be very fulfilling and even relieving moments! We need to enjoy those moments when we get there, and then keep striving to improve and push our limits even more. 
Its awesome walking around streets, talking to people, and representing the Lord and Savior in HIS work. 
These are years that are truely gained, not lost! 

 Birthday package arrived 

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