Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Blink of an Eye

The weeks are going faster and faster! It really feels like a blink of an eye. I have been in Chile for almost two months!!  We had the opportunity to go back to the college where we helped the kids out. I had the chance to play basketball and shoot around with kids and teens while Elder Carney talked with some of the less actives and one of our investigators. It was so fun!! The instructor who is now one of our investigators wants us to teach him! 

His mom is an active member and he really likes us. We will be teaching him in the next day or two. Another mission miracle! On Thursday and Friday we had Pendortes(sp) or contacts in the park. Most new missionaries are nervous when they do it, but I absolutely love it! It helps me with my Spanish and its great practice! The only awkward part about contacting is tracking down a person that is sitting by themselves in a park. Lol, because there is nothing more peculiar than a gringo walking right at you in a white shirt and tie, with a book in his hand, hahaha.

As for the rest of our week, we had our normal week. Lots of walking and lessons! I feel that my Spanish is slowly, but surely improving. I’m starting to see a little progression in my ability to understand Chileans!

Last Thursday,, we had a lesson with a menos activo that we ran into while we were walking. We had the chance to teach him and watches a really powerful video called “La Esperanza de la luz de Dios” in Spanish. “The Hope of God's Light” in English. It was the perfect video for him and his situation in life.  He expressed how he wants to change, how he wants to bring his family to church and how he wants to be active again! one of the most powerful lessons I have been in  and it all started with an encounter on the street! It may seem cheesy but we do see miracles every day! It’s so amazing! Each day has something so unique than the day before.

Yesterday, I had divisions with my District Leader, Elder Champutiz and we taught two lessons on La Esperanza (Hope). In our Preach My Gospel books (missionary study guide) we have a chapter called Christlike Attributes and one of those attributes is hope. Hope is such a unique attribute to me because we all have it.  We hope for a successful life, a successful job, a successful family and a better life after this one. Hope is having a firm confidence in the Lord, that He will fulfill the promises He said He will fulfill. In the words of President James E. Faust,"Hope is the anchor of our souls.” My advice to us all is to continue to have hope. Hope when times are hard and seem impossible to endure; hope to achieve our goals in this life and a grand hope to return and live with our beloved Father and our Savior Jesus Christ because more powerful than fear, failure and doubt is HOPE!

Until next week,

Elder Hendrix

Here is the video that Elder Hendrix referenced about Hope 

 Photos from a member where the Elders were helping her with a school project

I have no idea who this Elder is.  Elder Hendrix needs to take and send better pictures. :)

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