Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Brandon and Dayna's Baptism!

This week was another great week! On Thursday, we received permission to play soccer with out ward and investigators. That day I learned that Chileans have a gift! Man, every one of them can play! It is in their blood or something because every one of them could control the ball, pass with ease and just make it look effortless. I, on the other hand, was a different story! lol. But I managed to luckily score a goal!!

On Saturday, we had to spend a major chance of our day preparing for our baptism on Sunday. We had to of to the Bishop to ket the keys to the church, we had to make copies of the program, go and buy paper because we were out and didn't have any in our church and we desperately searched for baptismal clothing for Brandon and Dayna. 

They are 10 and 9 years old and their family is less-active. However, they have been coming to church almost every Sunday! For their baptism, their entire family showed up which was so great to see! I had the opportunity ti baptize Brandon and Elder Carney baptized Dayna. At the end of the service their dad gave one of the most sincere closing prayers and was holding back tears during it.  This baptism will bless  and help this family tremendously because of Brandon and Dayna’s decision to follow the example of Jesus Christ!

On Mondays, we have our District Meetings but once every transfer, we have our Zone Meeting(our district within another district) and it was an amazing meeting. We talked about the qualities that we are trying to have as missionaries and we went around and each person shared one of the strongest attributes of their companion.  It was really cool to see what each person sincerely thought of their companion. After that, we talked about being missionaries who go the extra degree and do the little things.  Overall, a really great meeting.  

Happy Thanksgiving this week.  Elder Carney and I  are planning on having a feast….of Completos that is. 

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