Sunday, November 20, 2016


This week has gone by so fast! I have been in the mission field for 2 months now. Crazy!! They say your training is the longest part of the mission, but to me it has flown by so fast.

On Thursday, we had service at a nursing home. We cleared out their garden area of weeds and grass. That took a couple of hours. The next day we had service at a members house. We cleared/broke apart one of their rooms to lay concrete. We will be laying their cement this upcoming Saturday.

On Sunday we attended church.  They have the two hours of classes before Sacrament which is the final hour. We had an entire less active family show up for Sacrament meeting!!! The dad hadn't been to church since he was 16 and he was really nervous but enjoyed it.

On Monday, I had my second interview with President Gwilliam!  It was great! We talked about my family, some of my goals and study habits, and about some of the new changes that will be happening in the mission.  President Gwilliam is such an amazing mission President!

On Tuesday, we had a really good day! We found two new investigators and had good lessons. Yesterday, it just so happened that Chile and Uruguay were playing a qualifying game in Santiago. While we were walking around at 8:00 pm, there was nobody on the streets. I mean dead. It was the weirdest thing because at this time of night, everybody is out, but because of the game, all the Chileans were glued to their seats watching the game.  At 8:30, while we were walking through the neighborhood, we heard a man yell “GOAL!!!” A second later, the entire neighborhood was yelling goal and screaming! It was insane!! If you guy’s have heard/seen, Sanchez had an amazing goal! I like to think that Sanchez and I are very similar in our style of play. LOL

Today we made sushi as a zone and watched Frozen! Here, everybody loves sushi. It was a very relaxing and fun P-Day!

This week, I have thought a lot about why Heavenly Father calls us to missions in the language He desires us to proselyte in. During my division last week, I was amazed at how well and profound my District Leaders ability to talk and articulate was! He is from Ecuador and speaks really pure Spanish; whereas, I am from the United States and barely speak the language. For a second there, I compared myself to him (which as a missionary you are not supposed to do) and realized that I probably wouldn’t be able to speak like him. At least not for a year plus. I was frustrated there for a second because I can articulate and speak just like him, but in English. But then I realized, it doesn't really matter. I am called to teach the very basics of this Gospel, not necessarily to use big fancy words and difficult grammatical phrases. The purpose of teaching people is so that they can feel the spirit and gain the confidence and knowledge that what I am teaching them is true. 

I have been here for 2 months! I often look back at my first two weeks here in the field where I barely and I mean barely could understand Chileans. And during that time, I thought about may dad, and how he managed to do it speaking one of the most difficult languages in the world, Vietnamese. No matter how long it takes, I will get there. Learning and growing is part of the process!!

 Elder Hendrix inherited a large head from his Grandpa Conser. Not many hats fit our heads!

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