Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Two Gringos and a Transfer!

I don’t have much time. I want to share a really cool story! 2 months ago when I got here, I met a girl in the park outside of where I am serving while we were doing contacts. It was my 4th or 5th week here and I approached a girl that was sitting by herself at the park. I talked with her and she was joking with me about my Spanish. I shared a little about my beliefs and she said that her mom and boyfriend were members of our church! She was receptive but didn't give me her address. Ok, this is where it gets cool! A month later, I meet her on the street in my sector where I am serving!!! I set up a lesson with her and now have had 4 lessons with her! She has read a lot of The Book of Mormon and is progressing a ton!! In our last lesson, she told me that she was crying right before I started talking to her at the park where we first met!!! Insane!!!! I hope that story made sense. From my perspective, it was awesome to see everything come full circle

 Elder Murphy and Elder Hendrix
Anyway, this week, we had changes(transfers is what they are called in the States. It’s where you can be assigned a new companion). My new comp is Elder Murphy from Idaho. We were in the same group at the MTC, in Mexico City, so we already know each other!! We both have almost 3 months in the mission haha I’m  so excited to see how it will go!!!  As for Elder Carney, he was great!! I enjoyed my time with him so much! We really clicked! I sure will miss him!
Final week with Elder Carney

This week has been great! I have been thinking of why we are here on Earth. There are many reasons that we are here, but one reason we often forget is to be happy. In certain circumstances in our lives, it can be difficult, but it never is impossible. At times it is how we act that determines our happiness. How we look at a situation. Doing a kind act, or simply smiling. Happiness is contagious. If we are a happy people or display it, odds are that others around us will feel the same. It's contagious! I invite you to start that chain reaction. Brighten somebody's day, make someone feel good!!!! #LIGHTtheWORLD

Until next week,

Elder Hendrix

 My District Leader drew himself into our family photo!

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