Thursday, December 1, 2016


  Ok,  so my plug to my computer broke so I am doing this by typing this week and don't have much time! I have had a really good week this week! We are teaching two Haitians who 
are awesome! In a lesson we talked about the book of mormon and read from it! We read in Spanish while they read in French (we didn't have books in Creole for them!) Anyway one 
speaks Spanish relatively fluently while the other doesn't speak at all! So in this lesson we were communicating with each other in 4 different languages throughout the lesson! We were talking in Spanish to Venal! David was talking to us in broken English and 
we were talking back in English! They were talking to each other in Creole and were referencing scriptures in French!! I wish I could have filmed this lesson with us communicating in 4 different languages!!! It was awesome! 

A few days later we helped move in some furniture for them from other members in our ward! After we helped them they had a Haitian meal for us! It was pretty good! lol When we first started eating Elder Carney was kind of hesitant with the food while I was just going at it! Anyway a little in to eating everything, I noticed that there were chicken feet in the bowl!! lol!!! Crazy!

Anyway, the rest of my week was good! had divisions with the District leaders again!! 

This will be the last week I have in my training which means that Elder Carney and I will not be companions anymore.....I have really enjoyed my time with him, and he has helped me so much!

The theme this year for Christmas is Ilumina El Mundo!!!! We need to do just that! Light up the world through service. Watch the new church video! it is great and has service for us to do each day leading up to Christmas!! I invite all of you to do just 

I love the scripture that says when we are in the service of our fellow beings, we are only in the service of our God!!! Do just that this Christmas.

Until next week,

Elder Hendrix

Here is the video he referenced:

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