Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Merry Christmas

This week has been great! We have met some really amazing new people and members. Every Thursday, we teach a couple who were baptized two years ago. She is an angel. They haven't been coming to church because her husband is old and he doesn't want to. She on the other hand wants to go every week, but he holds her back because it is difficult for her to go alone without him being there with her. Needless to say, she came to church on Sunday!! She was emotional throughout sacrament meeting.  She is incredible. Every week she gives us fruit at her home ( it doesn't always taste good) and she always prays for the children in Africa. I just love her!!

On Sunday after church, we were looking for less active members in our ward and came across a family who's mom and dad have been inactive for almost 14 years. We taught them and their entire family and will be teaching them again either today or tomorrow.

On Monday, we had divisions with the district leaders and on Tuesday we had divisions with our zone leaders. Funny story. A couple days ago, our zone leaders called and told me that both Elder Murphy and I were going on divisions in their zone in the same day.  Over the phone I interpreted it as if they said that we were going to work in their Zone and they were going to work in ours. I took it as a joke, but being 3 month in the mission, I totally misunderstood them.haha. Anyway, Elder Murphy and I went over to their house thinking that one of them would walk back with Elder Murphy, but I was wrong. We both, to our surprise, stayed in their sector. haha (I hope that made sense, if not I'm sorry).

Anyway, this week has been really busy. We are busy with our work and are finding lots of new people! 

I really hope you all will enjoy your Christmas and to remember what it is really about! We should enjoy the gifts, food, and the other holiday traditions because they are great! But we should spend some time thinking about our Savior! This is my invitation to you all! Think about his birth, think about his life, think of ways you can serve people, and think about what he has taught you in your life! 

Nos Vemos Cabros Chicos!

Merry Christmas!!

Elder Hendrix

Teaching the latinos how to dribble

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