Monday, February 13, 2017

Building a roof, blessing babies and the Word of God

The weeks just keep going by faster and faster.  I can’t believe it’s already been another week.  On Thursday we had Zone Conference with a member of the Seventy.,(a church leader) Elder Packer, and we talked about the new mission changes that were put in place two weeks ago. It was great.  We as missionaries are trying and will be working even more with investigators and will be tracing and placing more emphasis on the importance of repentance and baptism.

 On Friday, Elder Murphy and I had a crazy day! BUENO, on Friday, an amazing cold-front blew into Santiago. We had 75 degree temperatures all day. It was incredible! We also had one of the most interesting days I’ve had on the mission. We taught a new family that was a reference from a member and we were asked to cast out an evil spirit in their home. Right after that, we had a family in our ward call us to come and give their babies a blessing. We went to what we believed was their home, but it turned out that they lived across the street in a completely different mission. (As missionaries we are not allowed to cross mission boundaries) We called the office to try and get the other missionaries number in the other mission but we couldn’t find it. Long story short, we received permission and went across the street, into the other mission to give the babies a blessing due to the immediate need of those babies. While we were there we gave the blessings and were also asked to cast out another evil spirit in their home.  It was a interesting day. 

On Saturday morning, we provided service to one of our recent converts, Valeria. We replaced her roof! That was a first for me. We worked that morning and then she served us lunch afterwards, in her home. 

Another amazing thing that happened the week occurred on Tuesday. We had a lesson with Venel, Peter, David and James.  They are all Haitian and live in the same home.  We’ve really only been teaching Venal, preparing him for his upcoming baptism, but for this ,lesson, they were all home  and were listening and participating. Venal speaks really good Spanish, but the other struggle more.  We had a lesson on the Book of Mormon. We talked about how we believe that this book is the word of God and the importance that it can play into our lives. At the end, we asked Venel if he could share his testimony, with his friends, of this book. He testified in Creole, and then after told us that he has read it and has found that it is true and that is serves the same importance as the The Bible. To me, this was incredible to see him talk and testify of this book in Creole. After our lesson, as we were proceeding to leave, David offered us food. We politely declined but he wouldn't take no for an answer. He locked the door, sat us down on the couch, gave us food and didn't let us leave until we ate it all.  hahaha! That was hands down one of my most favorite lessons on the mission I’ve had thus far. 

Afterwards, I really got to thinking. Thinking about what we teach and believe as missionaries and as a people. When we ask people if they believe in The Bible, every person of a Christian belief and religion says,  “of course” without hesitation. Then we ask them if they have prayed to God to know that it is true? Some people say yes, others we catch red handed or leave them thinking.  To me, many people presume The Bible to be true because every Christian faith reads it and because it is one of the most read books around the world. However, if we can ask our Heavenly Father if something is true, and we listen with real intent, He will answer our prayers and we will know that these things are true. I have found that with The Book of Mormon. I have asked and I do believe that it is also the truth; that it also testifies of Christ and that he lives, just as The Bible does.

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