Thursday, February 16, 2017

Dare to be Bold

WOW, this has been an incredible week for Elder Murhpy and I. We have really been progressing with Venel! Venel is form Haiti and we have been teaching him for the past three months now! He is progressing faster than ever now, and is preparing for a baptism! We are so pumped and are passing by a lot to teach and prepare him!! We were in a lesson with him this past week and his roommate who speaks very little Spanish but is absolutely hilarious, offered us food at the very end of a lesson. We told him we had to run to another lesson, but he insisted that we would eat his Haitian food! hahaha. So he locked the door and put the keys in his pocket and refused to let us leave! haha (I hope I didn't share this story last week....the weeks are really blending together now) but anyway, we ate at their house with them for a little. haha. Now Elder Murphy and I are picking up on some Creol (mostly Elder Murphy) I am just learning catchy phrases! hahaha
Also, I had the opportunity to have another division this week. Elder Carney (my trainer) came into our old ward and we  were together again! haha It was so weird though. Elder Carney was a little taken aback during the lessons. It has been about three months since we went our ways, and when he came back, I was leading and can now talk relatively freely now! We went back and visited Valeria, the Andrade family, and other people he had known! It was a really cool day!

Other than that, My week has been really good. With the new changes and emphasis in repentance and Baptism, Elder Murphy and I have been thinking and collaborating on how we can apply the changes into our area as missionaries. To us, we have been a lot bolder for sure. We are putting even more emphasis and importance in the fact that repentance will free us from sin and pain, and that baptism is necessary !! We are bolder now than we have ever been, and I love it! As missionaries we have to be bold in promising the blessings of salvation. we are here to save souls!!

The other way is that we have to do it to. We, as missionaries, need to repent daily, and we need to remember the importance of the baptismal covenants that we have made too! That was a big emphasis in our zone conference this past month. That we as missionaries need to practice what we literally teach! In doing so, we will have the spirit with us even more as we teach, and we will understand the why behind what we do even more! In turn, we will become better teachers, more people will come to know the truth, and more people will be truly converted. Members and Converts alike! 

Mom Note:  Thank you to the amazing members in Chile who sent me these pictures this week!

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