Wednesday, February 22, 2017

I am Happy

This week has been good. I've had another great week with Elder Murphy. Summer is coming to an end and the Chileans are back in their homes( in Chile, they leave for 3 weeks or more at times to travel to the beach or to the south). Things are really coming together now and people are really progressing in the Gospel, which is great!! This past week we held our English class(we teach it every week), but it turned into a Spanish class. We had 6 Haitians in our class and taught them the basics of Spanish from Creole, which was a sight to see. At times we were communicating in English, Spanish and Creole to one another. It's amazing how different our languages are.

This week I want to talk abut how happy I am with what I am doing here in Chile. It kind of hit me the other day that there isn't anywhere else in the world I would rather be than here in the Urban Jungle of Santiago. Everyone says that what we do is hard and almost make it seem like we are bogged down until we get to return home. I love what I do here. I am so happy. I have walked down the same streets now for the past 6 months, seeing the same people everyday and do the same thing everyday; inviting others to come unto Christ. I am truly happy and hope you find happiness in your life. Look for the little things and you will find it. Enjoy this life and have fun.

Sorry for the short message this week.

Love, Elder Hendrix
Mom Note: We told him that he needed a haircut and he said that they ran into some issues and couldn't get one last week nor this week, so Elder Murphy gave it a go on Elder Hendrix's hair.  We will see how it looks next week!

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