Thursday, April 6, 2017

Daniela's Baptism and Working Harder for The Lord

This has been an incredible week of miracles here in Santiago! We had the chance to go to the downtown of Santiago. It was really cool to go and see more of the city. Saturday afternoon we had some really good lessons and ate some delicious pizza and empanadas.

Elder Hendrix, Daniela and Elder Vargas

On Sunday, we had the baptism of Daniela which was incredible! The baptismal reception was very spiritual. After Daniela's baptism and after the "welcome to the ward" Daniela bore her testimony to close the meeting. WOW!! It was one of the most powerful testimonies I've ever heard. She talked about her conversion story, her dating years back when she found the church and her best friend. How she received a confirmation of the truth after reading the Book of Mormon and praying and learning that families can be together forever through temple work.

For her, it was a very emotional day. She's been wanting to be baptized for some time now yet didn't have the approval of her parents.  She will bless this ward so much!! It is amazing to me to see the desire in people to want to me members of this church. That really stood out to me with her. Daniela wanted to have the Gospel in her life.  She wanted to have more faith and to be baptized.  She will be an incredible member of this church!! We are really happy for her.!

On Tuesday, we had an amazing zone meeting.  We talked a lot about taking initiative and responsibility over our work and how that has a direct correlation with our love of Jesus Christ. It was  an amazing meeting.  The spirit was really strong during the reunion.  It made me want to work even harder for my Savior!

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