Thursday, August 18, 2016

Mexico City MTC- Week Two

This week went by a lot faster than last week! We are really starting to get into a routine here in the MTC. We are working really hard that by the end of the day we are exhausted. Have I mentioned how hilarious my companion, Elder Hair is? 
(Elder Hair)

Every day we get an hour for gym time. As a district, we play soccer every day. Hopefully, one of these days we will play basketball. 
(I think this is where they exercise)

After we work out, we prepare for our investigators.This week we have 2 investigators. Carolina and Edgar. We switch off every day between teaching them. We teach 20 minute lessons which are really short! 

Spanish is becoming easier to understand every day, but being able to convey your thoughts is still very difficult to do. That will still take tiempo! Our district is becoming really close too. All but 2 companions are going to the Santiago South Mission in Chile! This past Sunday, we had our sacrament meeting as we usually do. Mind you, everybody in the congregation has to prepare a talk in Spanish because they select people to speak on the spot!! Sure enough, I was selected to give a talk for 5 minutes......and it didn't help that I left a portion of my talk at our house...Needless to say, I gave a talk, in my broken Spanish mind you, on the Christlike attribute of faith. I shared the experience of when Nephi’s bow broke and he had to turn to the Lord for food even when his family was murmuring. After I shared this, I testified of faith. Despite only having half my talk, I was able to speak for 6 minutes! 

Faith is something we all have, but can’t tangibly see. We show our faith in Christ through our daily actions in how diligent we are to study the scriptures, say our prayers morning and night, and turning to the Lord when we are in difficult crossroads in our lives. I can testify that turning to Christ can change your life! I’m  a 1000 miles away from my family and friends speaking a language I don’t know because I know that my Savior lives, and He will live in each and every one of us if we turn to Him! That much I do know!

Elder Hendrix

(Outside of where he lives)

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