Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Mexico City MTC-Week Four

This week has been another typical week at the MTC.  This week we have really started learning a lot of the difficult Spanish grammar. I feel that I am slowly but surely making good strides in learning the language.  However, every time I listen in on the Latinos talking to each other, I’m humbled every time. Lol.  

 Anyway, I had a couple great experiences this week.  The first happened this past Thursday.  After our service project, we went back to the house to change and get ready for our next class. While we were changing, my companion, Elder Hair started yelling Nacho Libre quotes at the missionaries walking by our house.  Elder Hairs perfect Jack Black impersonation and seeing the missionaries reactions to getting yelled at was priceless!  Our whole room were in tears crying, it was that funny! Later that day we had a Skype lesson with an investigator from Mexico City.  We had technical issues, so we were only able to communicate verbally; it was a great lesson nonetheless.  

Elder Hair loves my mom.  She sent him trail mix

Every Sunday we have a movie night and EVERYBODY gets super hyped for it. haha.  This week we watched a movie called Testaments, I think…. It is a movie about the Nephites in the Americas  who are waiting for Jesus Christ to show himself to them.  As the movie progresses, the people and main character begin to grow more wicked. At the very end of the movie, the main character comes unto Christ and has a change of heart.  When Jesus arrives in the Americas, the main character tries to take his blind father to Jesus, amongst the vast crowd of people, because his father has been a believer his entire life. As the father and son have an intimate moment, Jesus comes to them and heals the dad.  The scene is very powerful and spiritually moving.  I felt the spirit so strongly in that moment.  It made me realize that every trial, every burden, every difficulty we have in life will be worth even just one second to see our Savior.  That much I do know.  

The rest of our week was pretty much normal.  Lots of studying, teaching, and mote studying.  I am really enjoying my time here in Mexico.  I can’t believe that I will be in Chile in less than two weeks!  Time is speeding by! I can’t wait to go to Chile! It is such an exciting time in my life.


Elder Hendrix

 Care Package from Mom and Dad

Mexico City Temple

My cousin Elder Wettstein welcomed  Elder Peterson to the Provo MTC today! Two of my best friends!

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