Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Mexico City MTC- Week Three

This week has been great! I feel that I am slowly starting to see results with my language skills and ability to speak! There have been a lot of thunder storms here, nothing out of the ordinary for a Texan, but everyone else is freaking out. lol kids from Utah. 

This week’s had a few high points! Elder Hair and I gave a lesson to Carolina, one of our investigators, that was very powerful. She expressed that she feared the adversary because she thought she wasn't strong enough to withstand his temptations. At that moment, I felt inspired to share with her my favorite scripture, from The Book of Mormon; Helaman Chapter 5 Verse 12, which talks about how if we build our rock on the foundation of the Savior, then we will be able to withstand his temptations against us! It was the perfect scripture for Carolina. She began to tear up and we could all feel the spirit so strongly! That experience was a testament to me that Elder Hendrix didn't make her feel that way. It was the power of the spirit through the scriptures. I can’t wow my investigators with articulated words like I can in English, I have to be entirely reliant on the spirit. 

Another high point to this week was a quote Hermana Balderas, one of my awesome teachers, said to our class. 
"Anybody can be a missionary, but not everybody is willing to work to be a representative of Jesus Christ" 
I love this quote. It’s so true. Anybody can come on a mission, but you have to work hard to be a representative of Jesus Christ. Every day we each have a choice of what kind of day we decide to have. You are completely in control of yourself and what you do in your day. Utilize every opportunity to capitalize on Life! This life is such a blessing, so make it count! 

In closing, I’m so thankful for my Savior. I can’t imagine where 
I would be mentally if I knew that this life on earth was it. Through Jesus Christ, we can return to live with our Father in Heaven, and we can be cleansed from sin! 

Catch y”all next week!! 

Elder Hendrix

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