Thursday, September 22, 2016

No Comprende

 Aguas De San Ramon

This week has been so busy and very long when I look back on it, but very rewarding. I am understanding a little more each day, but it is still so hard. For example, we taught Peruvians a couple days ago and I followed the conversation very well and could communicate very well with them. The next lesson, we taught a Chilean with no teeth,.......Didn't get a word out of him..

We do A LOT of walking in my area. We are in La Granje which is in the southern part of Santiago.I love the people here. So great! They are so humble and amazing. We have really been getting to work. We have many menos activos and investigators who are really starting to progress and its awesome to watch them change their lives for the better.
Elder Carney is my trainer (Dad as they call it here) and is the man!! I love working with him.

Today, I am exhausted. We went on a waterfall hike in the Andes. It was so amazing!! It was 5 miles in and 5 miles out in tough terrain and sadly, Coach Tidwell, it wasn’t a chocolate waterfall (inside joke) 
A really cool thing about our District is that we have permission to leave our mission. We went with our district to the east mission and completed this daunting hike. We are so close as a district and zone because we are all so close together. I love these guys. I have photos but lost my plug. I’m in the process of finding a new one but the Andes are HUGE. They trump the mountains in the US!! 

This week has been so hard, but so rewarding. I know that I will struggle with Spanish for awhile, but I can use it to my advantage. What my President told me( President Gwilliam is so amazing. I had an interview and got to know him really well) that people will listen more closely to what I have to say because they are trying to figure out what it is I’m saying.  That will help them feel the spirit more and be more inclined to hear our message.

I love it hear. God calls you where you are supposed to go. It wouldn’t matter if it took me 2 years or if I never learned Spanish. I love the Mission. I love the people. And I am happy. Talk to you next week


Elder Hendrix

The day their district left the CCM.  

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