Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Mexico City MTC-Week Five

This week’s been a good week.  Last P-day, on Wednesday, we played Ultimate Frisbee and soccer for four hours.  We were so worn out by the end of the day! I forgot to mention this last week, but I was stoked when I heard how well Nick is doing in Cross Country. 13th overall in 5A for the state of Texas.  It’s awesome seeing his hard work pay off!

The Elders in my District

As for my week, it’s been a week that I will remember for the rest of my life. It has been a very trying and testing week for me, but despite our trials/ difficulties we can see the Lord in our lives, IF we are willing to look for Him. On Saturday. I had the impression to study a particular Christlike attribute from Preach My Gospel (a missionaries teaching guide) and it was exactly what I needed help with on that particular day.  Whether that prompting was the spirit or my subconscious picking a topic to study, It didn't matter. Either way, I could see the Lords hands in my life.

For the rest of the week, it consisted of typical missionary training.  A lot of studying and learning the language.  Each day we taught a lesson to one of our investigators. The lessons are going really well.  Elder Hair and I are really progressing with our Spanish. We have come a long way from originally testifying of the “escritories” (desks) instead of the “escrituras” (scriptures) in our first lessons as missionaries. lol!! Lessons continue to get easier to understand and interpret but the grammar continues to be more difficult.  This week, we are studying the subjunctive tense which doesn't exist in English…..Needless to say, I’m feeling unprepared as I’m getting ready to leave for Chili next week. I can’t believe I have been here for nearly six weeks. It’s crazy!

This week I was thinking about a video I would watch a lot before I left on my mission. The video is called “Success is not an Accident”. I would recommend that you al watch it.  The video is a story about Steph Curry in high school.  He was invited to a camp with some of the top high school recruits that were going to attend big time basketball colleges such as Kentucky, Duke and Kansas,  Steph never received an offer from big school.  Davidson College, a smaller school, was the college he attended.  In this video, one of the coaches noticed that Steph would show up one hour before practice and stay one hour after, while the rest of the players would show up 5 minutes before the practice would start. 

Now, I can’t promise you that if you apply this principle in your life that you will reap the same rewards as Steph. Steph Curry is a two time MVP and World Champ, but I can promise you that success is not an accident.  How hard we are willing to work, practice, and do the little things in life has an immense impact on our success. I’m willing to wager that Steph Curry is as successful as he is because of those habits he had in high school. This story is directly applicable to each of us in our lives. If we are going to do something in life, why not give it everything we got? If we want success, we need to work because no matter how big or small, we will receive some sort of reward for our effort and diligence.  I know without a doubt that these things are true. I’m applying this principle in my life every day for missionary work. Why not apply this in your life? 

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Elder Hendrix

I love to look up at the homes on the mountains that surround the MTC 
 A few of my favorite pictures in the MTC( he needs to work on his photography skills(:) 

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