Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Gangsters Paradise

Last week for P-Day, we went to the south of our mission to go to a mall that was really nice. It made me feel like I was at home. We had a great time with some of the other Elders in our District, that came with us. On our way back home, I began to not feel so good. At that time, I thought it was just because I was a little dehydrated and nauseous because of the bus ride. However, when I got home, I started feeling much worse. I began throwing up off and on for the next hour and then got sick from the McDonalds I ate at the mall.

Besides that, my week has been great.  This week we have changes so Elder Tocigl and Elder Gerrardo are leaving our Ward. They were great guys.  Elder Carney and I are still in my training period, so we will still be together for another six weeks. 

We have one investigator who is really beginning to progress whose name is Venel and is from Haiti. A lot of Haitian immigrants are moving to Chile which is really cool. They are such awesome people who are very humble and want to hear our message. He has lived here for 7 months and already speaks really good Spanish.  For his roommates, we have to do a lot of reading in The Book of Mormon and in the pamphlets(that we hand out) in Creole. It’s really fun trying to talk in Creole. hahaha. Anyway,I’m really excited to see where that will go.

We have another family that we are teaching who are really cool. We were walking down the street and heard them listening to Gangsters Paradise. lol. Anyway, we contacted them and are teaching them twice a week. They are Super receptive!

Elder Carney and I do a lot of walking each day. Our area is about 2 1/2 miles x 1/2 mile, which seems really small, but there are so many people in it! It’s been a great week.

In our lessons, we teach people the doctrines of Jesus Christ. This is just one of the lessons we teach and in it, we teach about repentance and what it truly is. When people think about the word repentance, many times they accompany this word with shame, faults, wrong doings and other negative words. A different word comes to my mind and that is the word Gift. When we exercise our faith in Jesus Christ and truly ask for forgiveness of our sins, we can be cleansed. We can thank our Savior for this gift. Because of His suffering and sacrifice for us, we can continue to repent throughout our lives knowing that we can be cleaned thanks to our Savior. When we recognize our sin, stop what we are doing wrong, confess our sins to the Lord and ask for forgiveness, restitute our faults and then accept Jesus Christ as our Savior, we have truly repented. I testify that repentance works; that doubt and guilt can be turned into confidence and happiness through sincere prayer to our Lord. 

Repentance has a drastic of a change as does turning on a lightbulb in a dark room. There is a drastic change from dark to light, just as there is a change of being sinful to cleansed. When we go through this process we can be changed! 

Disfruten su semana. O y hablaremos el proximo miƩrcoles!

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