Sunday, January 1, 2017

Cherish the Moments that Matter Most

This week has flown by! On Friday, we had our Christmas devotional all day, with our entire mission. It started at 11:00 with a talent show, which was so fun and ended with an amazing Christmas program. It is the only time during the year that our whole mission is together, so it was really fun to see everyone from the MTC.  As for the program, different zones in the mission sang different songs, It was amazing.The spirit was incredible and really strong during the program. 
 The following day was the 24th( the day that they celebrate Christmas here). We passed by families in our ward to visit and it was great, Here, they have a big dinner on the 24th and then open their presents at midnight. We ate dinner with the Andrade family. They are recent converts to the church.  We had a wonderful time.

On the 25th, (CHRISTMAS!!!!) we had our sacrament meeting for one hour, ate lunch and then had our Skype session………It was awesome! And trunky (trunky is a term that is used to describe missing home) It was great to see my family and to talk with them. The Cowboys are winning, Trump is President and Nick has two speeding tickets under his belt and is without driving privileges! hahaha,  After the Skype call, we dropped by more members homes and gave them brownies for Christmas and gave short lessons to them about Christmas.

The rest of our week was really busy and we had to teach a lot of lessons. Oh, and last night the other missionaries bunk beds broke during the middle of the night! hahaha,  The frame snapped and the elder on the top bunk fell. hahaha.

As I’ve looked back on this week, I am reminded of the the things that matter most in life. During Christmas, it can be  easy to focus on the gifts without putting much thought into the Savior, the quality time with our families, serving and just being happy. These are all things we should cherish and enjoy. I hope you all have had this opportunity and enjoyed your Christmas. Cherish the moments that matter most; the things that are most important in life are priceless. Our families, our Savior, our happiness and serving. We should never take these things for granted.

Elder Hendrix

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